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About us

Hello my name is Analía, I was born in Argentina and I was living in Germany from 2004 until 2015. I learned the German
language at the University of Cologne, after I continued my studies coloniaengineering at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences.

My husband is French. He came to Germany in 2006. He came to this country to get a work experience as an engineer. He wanted to practice his German language that he learned in the French school.

So far we have taught our three girls in our native languages Spanish and French respectively. I speak only Spanish and my husband speak French to the children. How we speak between us together?  I speak with my husband Spanish all the time, he answers me in French, each of us speak their native language at home.

Our daughters learned the German language when they played with their friends, and attended playgroups (from 1 month to 3 years old), kindergarten and school. To conclude they learned the German language with the natives of the country, that is the most recommended according to research. (Read: Talk according to the environment)

In September 2015 we moved to Canada, we are in the Ontario region, so we have a great opportunity to learn a new language, I clarify for me and my daughters.

On this site I write about how we educate our daughters in three languages, because we choose this method, this is not very easy but really worth the effort.

I’m excited to exchange ideas and experiences with you.

Well I invite you to discover our experience and our adventure in Canada too.😀

Thank you very much for keep supporting us!