What language should speak your child ?

españa german francais

What language should speak your child , mother or dad tongue, or the language of the community?


With this article I hope to help parents, who are in this situation.

The benefits of multilingualism, once acquired, are numerous and frequently recognized. But for all that, the parents of multilingual children are often faced with many negative responses or embarrassing questions. In Germany for example, some people said:

  • “Multilingual children begin to talk later”
  •  “Why teach your Kids in three languages? Poor girl, she will have a nice mix in her head! “
  • “You must speak to her in German, because it’s the school’s language, and there is a risk that your child will have delays in learning, if you speak with her Spanish”

Well these are the situations, that as unexperienced mom,  can generate doubts and insecurities in your desire to teach your children more that one language.
For me it was very important that my daughters communicate with each of our families without any effort on ours part. We attained a goal!

Our strategy is to speak to our children only our mother tongues, French and Spanish, and to trust in the entourage (friends, school, books and music) so that they can learn the language of the country of residence , German. (Analía)

In my next article I will reveal more about: “The secret of our strategy.”

I invite you to participate in this blog and exchange experiences and ideas.
I am translating each written article in my other languages to learn English better, because we moved to Canada in September 2015.:-D

Thank you for your support. See you soon !

 “Multilingual education requires a lot of effort by parents, who need to develop a very detailed strategy, so they ensure that the language development of their children is complete.”

Anna Solé Mena


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